Mr. Yogendra Kumar Founder & CEO

Areas of expertise

  • Financial Business Transformation
  • 14+ Years Experience in Finance Sector
  • Financial Consultant 
  • Debt & Equity Financing Expert

Introduction of Mr. Yogendra Kumar, Founder of Direct Credit:

With a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the financial landscape, Mr. Yogendra Kumar stands as the driving force behind Direct Credit, an esteemed institution specializing in corporate loans, working capital, project loan, structured loan, mortgage solutions etc. As the Founder and CEO MD of Direct Credit, Mr. Yogendra brings over 14 years of invaluable experience to the table, marked by a superb understanding of balance sheets, and an innovative approach to preparing and projecting Loan cases. His invaluable contributions serve as the backbone of Direct Credit.

Armed with a specialization in Banking, Corporate Finance, and Securities Law, Mr. Yogendra possesses a formidable blend of expertise and acumen. His adept understanding of industry intricacies allows for the delivery of unparalleled ROI and terms tailored to the unique needs of various sectors, including manufacturing, trading, real estate, service, retail, export, and import.

At the core of Mr. Yogendra’s mission is a fervent desire to empower both businesses and individuals in realizing their financial ambitions. Through Direct Credit, he endeavors to furnish customized and adaptable financial solutions that align seamlessly with the goals and expectations of his clientele.

Mr. Yogendra’s leadership extends beyond mere direction; it embodies a commitment to fostering a culture of excellence, integrity, and unwavering customer satisfaction. Under his guidance, a team of seasoned professionals shares his vision, collectively contributing to Direct Credit’s sterling reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of financial services within the market.

In Mr. Yogendra Kumar, Direct Credit finds not just a leader, but a visionary dedicated to reshaping the financial landscape for the betterment of all stakeholders involved.



Nidhi Maheshwari Vice President - Business Development


Areas of expertise

  • Outstanding Businesswoman
  • Management Strategist
  • Innovative Thinker
  • Growth strategy

Vice President of Business Development at Direct Credit

With over two decades of industry expertise, and the prestigious recognition as the Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year by PHD Chamber of Commerce, Nidhi Maheshwari brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned management strategist, planner, and executor. Renowned for her strategic prowess and innovative thinking, Nidhi has consistently led teams to extraordinary achievements across diverse sectors including stock exchange, financial services, and non-profit. Her track record speaks volumes as she has successfully driven growth, optimized operations, and delivered unparalleled value to clients.

Having served in pivotal roles such as the former North Head at MCX Stock Exchange, Chief Operating Officer at CUTS Institute, and Assistant Vice President at G.D. Foods Mfg. (TOPS), Nidhi has honed her skills in navigating complex landscapes and delivering tangible results. Her ability to thrive on challenges and her unwavering commitment to making a lasting impact wherever she goes is evident in her achievements.

At Direct Credit, Nidhi leads the business development efforts, forging new partnerships, and driving growth initiatives.

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